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Testing the Beta version of our game, Champions of the Shengha

We are inviting you to join our “Beta community” to help us test and improve the beta release version of our new biofeedback game, Champions of the Shengha. Before you decide if you want to join, it‘s important to understand why we’re doing this testing and what will be involved for you. So please consider this information sheet carefully before making a decision as to whether to give your consent to sharing your heart rate data with us.

BfB Labs first title is Champions of the Shengha, a fantasy card battling game played with the BfB Sensor – an ear clip monitor that measures your emotional state by tracking heart rate variability (HRV). The game challenges you to defeat opponents with a combination of strategy and self control on the way to becoming the ultimate Shengha warrior.

Through regular play, you will master powerful skills of emotional control. These skills equip you to cope and thrive within the game and beyond it, improving your capacity to deal with stress, anxiety and frustration and be at your best

The game is in final development, with the full consumer release planned for April 2017. BfB Labs has just completed a successful crowdfunding campaign to pre-sell the game and gather support for education programme where individuals or groups could sponsor the delivery of the game into a school or youth group of their choice.


Beta community

Part of the crowd funding campaign included the recruitment of a “Beta community” to be given access to an early release version of the game, shipped in December 2016, and provide active feedback to guide development before the full release of the game in April 2017.

The Beta community will be shipped a BfB sensor, and will be asked to download the initial Beta version of the game onto their chosen mobile device, as well as new updates as and when they become available. The Beta Community will be asked for feedback on their experience playing the game.

The heart rate data we’ll be collecting and how we intend to use it

The BfB sensor will read your heart rate, specifically the RR interval (RR), which is the distance between each heart beat. Each time your heart beats a signal is sent to the game, and over time the game software converts those heart beats into HRV, which is a measure of the change in interval between your heart beats.

Your heart rate data will be used in two ways:

  • For gameplay: Your progress in the game is partly dependent on your HRV. The more you are able to remain calm, the better will be your HRV, which will assist your performance in the game. Your HRV will be calculated directly on your mobile device.

  • For game development analysis: The software also transmits your heart rate data back to us in the BfB Labs office. We will aggregate your data with that of other players to analyse how effectively the game is teaching players to increase their HRV and reduce their stress levels. We will use this data to help us improve the game ready for its full release in April 2017.

How we’ll store your heart rate data

In order to login to the game you will be allocated a unique, randomly generated, username and password. This allocation is done by our Data Protection Officer, who is the only person in our organisation who will have access to the password protected file that links your name to the username that has been allocated to you.

Your heart rate data will then be aggregated with all other members of the Beta Community and we’ll use this combined dataset to conduct analysis to understand how well the game is training users to increase your HRV.

How long we’ll store your heart rate data

We intend to keep the Beta Community active for 6 months, at which point all Beta Community members will become regular players of the game Champions of the Shengha, unless you decide to opt out of the game. If, based on what we learn over this trial period, we make any material changes to our data policy, we will notify you and ask for your consent before applying any changes to the way we process your data

Data access rights

Your participation in the Beta Community is voluntary. You may choose not to participate but if you choose not to participate you will not be able to partake in the trial version of Champions of the Shengha. If you decide to participate you may withdraw at any time. If you decide to withdraw then the data previously collected will remain part of our dataset unless you expressly request that it is deleted. If you have any questions about the data we collect, or if you would like to receive a copy of your data, please contact the Community Manager,


Electronic Consent

Checking 'yes' indicates that:

  • you have read the above information

  • you voluntarily agree to participate, to share your heart rate data with us, and allow us to use your data as described above

  • you are at least 18 years of age or are the legal guardian of someone under 18 years old playing the game

If you do not wish to participate in the “Beta Community”, please decline participation by checking 'No'.