Spellcasters, the age of deck building is finally upon us. You can now curate your cards and define your magical style with an 8-card limit and Tribe selection. You've asked for this feature since the start of our voyage together, and we are excited to get it into your hands!


What's New?  

Deck building
You'll have an 8 card deck from now on. You'll need to gather your wisdom and choose wisely which cards to take into battle.

  • To change a card in your deck:
  • Tap and hold your chosen card in the SpellBook
  • The screen will automatically scroll up to your deck
  • Drag your newly chosen card over the card slot you want to replace
  • Release the new card
  • Voila! It will replace the old card in your deck and appear in your hand in battle

Remember,  you can only have one of each type of card in your deck - though they may come into your hand multiple times during a Duel.

Browse your cards
We've increased functionality in the Spellbook to fuel important deck building decisions. Tap on a card to view stats such as durability, damage and casting time.

Choose your tribe
Tap on Brahm's face in your Spellbook and you can now choose your Tribe. From the fire of Fury to the dark depths of Fear and the serenity of Joy, each Tribe gains its own special abilities for Duels. To which do you belong?

  • Joy Champions earn Magic Power 20% faster
  • All Fear creatures cost one less Magic Power for Fear Champions to cast
  • Fury Champions deliver +1 extra damage with every Fury attack card


Choosing your Tribe and building decks are not to be taken lightly,  Beta Community. Ponder your choices carefully (and tell us what you think on the forum!)