Welcome, Beta pioneers, to a new build.  There’s a magnitude of new cards and mechanics to explore, and an increased significance to mastering your Magic Power skill - we hope it keeps you striving to improve your breathing and expand your Spellbook.


What’s new

Cards are appointed Natural Gem Colours. Now your magical prowess has an even greater test. Every card has a Natural Gem Colour which you must reach to cast it. This is shown by the glowing gem in the centre of the card. To cast a card in your hand, you still need to have enough Magic Power to use them; but also your Magic Power Gem must be in equal to or higher state than the Natural Gem Colour of your card. For example: if a card has a Natural Gem Colour of red, then your Magic Power Gem must be glowing red or purple to cast it . Time to get focused!


Farewell numbers! Well, some of them. We want our Spellcasters to concentrate your minds on gathering Magic Power and duelling wisely. So we’ve reduced the amount of numbers flying around the screen by changing your and your creatures health numbers to a health bar.


New cards. Here’s the petrifying new Fear cards you’ll find in this build:

  • dread apostle
  • skeleton lord
  • phantom    
  • hungry ghost
  • bhoot    
  • silent blade    
  • rising dead    
  • fear bomb    
  • troop carrier    
  • bad moon shaman    
  • testudon    
  • fire golem    
  • fire wall    
  • burning fury    

New card effects. We are just about to rewrite the card descriptions, and would really like your help to ensure they make sense. So while this build includes some intriguing new mechanics, I’m not going to explain them here! The real test whether you can understand and master them when you discover them in game.

As always we are eagerly awaiting your verdict.  Go forth and duel team Beta, and tell me what the new card mechanics do! .