Buckle yourselves in, things are looking a bit different around here!

You told us that the feedback from your breathing wasn’t meaningful enough. And we agreed.

So we’ve designed a new Duel screen with more information about your breathing, heart rate, and it’s impact in the game.

The new screen actually shows your heart rate while you’re playing. It’s the purest way we could possibly feedback on the breathing, and we’re super curious about how you’ll react to it.

What changes have we made?


As soon as you drop into the Duel screen you’ll see that things are rather different!

Power gem: This gem tells you how much power you’ve gathered and have at your disposal

Colour changing fire: This flame will change colour and size depending on how well you’re doing with the breathing - of course the better you do, the faster your power will accumulate.

Squiggly Line: Yes that is a technical term!  This is your heart rate variability data straight from the sensor - it shows your heart rate (beats per minute) as it speeds up and slows down over time (affected by the breathing - more on that below)

Mystical particles: The particles are your breathing guide, as they swoosh in you take a deep breath and as they swoosh out you exhale.

Glowing orb: The orb will grow and shrink in time with the particles - try to match your breathing to this  rhythm

What am I trying to do? How do I know if I’m doing it right?

As ever, your job is to gather Power as quickly as you can! You do that by entering a Focused state. If you fall into a Muddled state, you’ll start to gather power more slowly. You control your state by observing your breath and your thinking!

Here’s what the line looks like when you’re doing well (Focused state):

And here’s what it looks like when your breathing isn’t hitting the right rhythm and you’re gathering power slowly (Muddled state):

The line is smooth and sweeps in a regular deep wavy pattern when you’re in a good breathing flow. When you’re not doing so well the line will jolt and be chaotic. Don’t forget, the gem’s fire will also change in colour and size to let you know how you’re doing!

To get into Focused state, you’ll need to breathe rhythmically in time with the particles and orb at the end of the line, and stay calm and focused. As you do this, you should see the pattern of the line start to become more fluent.  

The closer you are to Focused state the quicker you’ll gather Power.

Happy breathing!