A new build, and guess what? We made some changes! Nothing quite as drastic as the last round of redesigning the breathing feedback, but some stuff we think is pretty cool.


Here’s what’s included in Build 10.25:

  • The Stack: Spells now take time to cast so you’ll need a little patience and strategy to play them! Here’s how it works:
    • You and the AI both have a casting stack in the middle of the screen
    • Spells (and creatures!) appear as icons in your stack when cast and power up ready to deploy to damage or heal.
    • While powering up in the stack, spells are vulnerable to attack by other spells. Attacking them will knock ‘em out and prevent their damage from happening. Super tactical!
    • Your stack can have a maximum of 6 items powering up to deploy at any one time; so be selective about what you choose to play.
    • The more powerful a card is, the longer the wait for deployment
  • Creatures: Some new little blighters joining you in battle! Creatures are a new card type that sit in your stack with spells and attack your enemy periodically until they are spent. Very loyal sidekicks.
  • Shiny animations:  Win a duel and you’ll feel very special. Oooh it’s shiny. On the flip side, lose and you will sharply feel the pain of your loss (in other words we finally put in some swanky win/lose animations!).
  • Card drawing takes longer: Ten seconds to be precise, so you won’t have such a jam packed hand all the time.
  • New cards
    • Shadow Brood
    • Foot Soldier
    • Flame Imp
    • Frostling
    • Ice Wall
    • Hired Squirrel
    • Rock Golem
    • Indra’s Elephant
    • Dragon


This feature should have the double whammy effect of fixing the confusing animation delay and making the game even more strategic to play. It’s all going  to impact balancing quite a bit, so tell us what you think about the timing of casting, the damage spells and creatures are doing and how it feels to play with these new features.