It’s been a couple of weeks since we released a new build - but here we are with a corker! The headline story is some brand new card mechanisms and cards which we hope are going to enrich the gameplay, but there’s plenty of other changes in this build. We hope you enjoy playing and testing it.

New stuff

  • Brand new card effects to use in Duels
    • Terrify
    • Panic
    • Mercy
    • Spellproof
    • Speedy
  • And some new cards to go with them!
  • Revamped swanky menu screens for Find a Duel and Spellbook

Other bits and bobs

  • Back button functionality on Android phones
  • Selling a spare card will make you rich! (kind of... you now get 2 gold instead of 1)
  • Your chances of winning a chest have changed
  • We’ve tweaked the scrolling for the Spellbook and Chest Rewards overview
  • Login screen error messages if your username/password is incorrect
  • Better visuals for targeting a card in Duel mode

Check out our blog on the new cards and mechanisms to find out their functions. As always, we want to hear from you and really appreciate your feedback.

Finally, we’re still a little stumped on the issue with Nexus/Google phones and are struggling to replicate it. If you get this Duel freezing bug then please, please, please send us a screenshot or video - we want to fix it!