Brand spanking new card mechanics!

So build 10.8 includes some brand new cards mechanics and new cards to go with them - pretty exciting stuff. We know (and you’ve told us) that we really need a tutorial to introduce people to the game.  We also need one for these mechanics!

While we are designing that onboarding process, here’s an overview of the additions to the game:


5 new card mechanisms

Thats right. 5 new effects to play in Duel: Panic, Terrify, Mercy, Spellproof and Speedy. You and your opponent can strategically deploy these effects and trip up your rival in your battle to defeat them.

Little icons above your attack icon will show if you or your opponent are currently under the influence of any of these effects.

Panic: Champions have a 50% chance of their attacks backfiring and attacking them instead of their enemy

Terrify: Champions are too petrified to cast spells. Weapons will also not perform attacks while the Champion is terrified

Mercy: Champions experiencing Mercy cannot deal a killing blow - they always leave at least 1 defence point

Spellproof:  Champions are safe from spells and cannot be attacked with them. The can still be damaged by weapons.

Speedy: Weapon attacks speed up to twice as fast, so you can damage your foe quicker!


New cards

To deploy these new effects you’ll need to use special cards, which are also new for this release! Win them in chests and see your Spellbook grow and your duelling  abilities soar!

New card list:

  • Dragon Scales
  • Speedy Boots
  • Seven skin shield
  • Bedlam mask
  • Rock slide
  • Frost storm
  • Compassion oath
  • Shrug it off
  • Smash
  • Panic attack
  • Utter dread
  • Fear bomb
  • Broken blade


Good luck exploring these new elements of the CotS Universe. Use them wisely on your journey to becoming Champions.