That’s a tongue twister for a blog title!

We thought it would be interesting to playback some of the key feedback we’re hearing. We’ve had lots from you -  letting us know about bugs, but also with creative ideas and really well thought out suggestions for how to tweak our gameplay and difficulty levels. This is awesome!

So here’s the main things you’re telling us about:

  • Breathing: you want more obvious feedback and training
  • Card balancing: Weapon cards are overpowering right now
  • Strategic Choices: you want more interaction with opponents' cards
  • Sensors: Better info on battery life and connection
  • Artwork: We've had awesome compliments. Thanks!
  • Rewards: Not quite the right ROI at the mo
  • Difficulty level: Jumping massively when you reach Spellcaster
  • More characters: New opponents and a choice of avatar
  • Tutorial: We need a proper onboarding structure to intro the game

We’re balancing this information with technical limitations, programming and design time and insight we’ve been getting from focus groups and testing with potential customers and players. I hope to share more about the design process soon, because it’s cool!

As a result of all this we’ve started adding in new card mechanics (see build 10.8!)  and tweaking the balancing, rewards and difficulty levels - but we know there’s still work to do. Now we’re on a quest to get the breathing right, as it’s such an integral part of the game and our mission to help people learn to regulate their emotions via CotS. A huge thank-you to the 10 Beta testers who have been fantastic companions to our mission and talked to us in depth about their breathing experience. Watch this space!