You asked for some variety in characters, and we’re working on it. First step: Build 10.12 includes some new AIs for you to battle.

You’ll see more variation in opponents as you rise in rank. They’ll be randomly pulled from the pool to play you. Each has a different deck to play with -so you’ll need to be tactical about how you approach them!

Here’s what they’ve got in their hands:

Kara Brightclash, Fury Champion (the classic, original AI): Flamer, Rock Helm, Smother, Sword, Smash, Mighty Blow, Fire Ball, Shrug it off

The mysterious Fear Champion: Flamer, Fireball, Panic Attack, Utter Dread, Sword, Shield, Ice Bolt, Smother

Brahm Deepwell, Joy Champion: Flamer, Fireball, Smother, Peacemaker, Oak Shield, Sword, Compassion Oath, Rock Slide

Herne the Huntress: Flamer, Fireball, Smother, Pollinate, Compassion Oath, Blazing Shot, Monkey King's Staff,  Meteor

Rock Golem: Smother, Pollinate, Rock Slide, Meteor, Avalanche, Mighty Blow, Rock Helm, Oak Shield

The Wise Master: Peacemaker, Compassion Oath,  Frost Storm, Pollinate, Seven Branched Blade, Blazing Shot, Broken Blade, Speedy Boots

The Mad General: Call to Arms, Mighty Blow, Smash, Clockwork Rocket, Dragon Scales, Grenades, Heavy Axe, Blazing Shot

Some have a much stronger hand. The Mad General and Wise Master are particularly intimidating chaps to face - and so you’ll have a much higher likelihood of battling them when your ranking is higher, and you've proven yourself to be accomplished in the arena.

Don’t think you’re getting an easy riding facing another AI though - they all still increase in difficulty as your rank rises! They get better at generating power and fiercer about how they use their cards.

We're working on deck building - so you'll have to plot carefully to beat them.