We’re already 3 builds in! How on earth did that happen?! It’s an exciting and busy time in the BfB office as we battle fiercely against bugs, wield our paintbrushes (and design tools!) to create new artwork and plot tirelessly for new features.

Here’s the patch notes for the past two updates:

Build 0.10.5

Bug fixes

  • Stop freezing bug on the post Duel screen (which shows the new points/leaderboard position)
  • Android: Ensure players can interact and play in Duel
  • iOS: Ensure the game is connecting to the server, to show username and score
  • Fix scrolling bug on leaderboard, so that it displays properly
  • Show what is being typed in username/password fields on the login page
  • Stop the breathing speed from resetting between Duels
  • Tidy up Season End screen bugs
  • Shop : Make sure cannot accidently purchase a chest with swipe motion
  • Duel: stop card glow outline staying on screen after casting weapon/armour
  • Leaderboard: fixed indicators for numbers from: 11st 12nd 13rd etc.
  • Ensure gold won in duels shows up in player gold total                                    

New stuff

  • A basic Spellbook showing your cards and letting you sell the spare ones
  • A waiting screen for finding a Duel
  • Animation on all buttons (to show when they’ve been pressed)
  • Polished Chest artwork including glow effects when they explode (fancy!)
  • Some more polishing and shining - better fonts, Menus polishing and textures


Build 0.10.7

Build 0.10.5 managed to bring us some brand new bugs - breaking the game on some devices. So our top priority for this build was to fix them and get you playing again.

  • Fixed game breaking bug that didn’t allow interaction beyond menu screen: it was related to season end when you’re recieve a reward for your performance
  • Fixed a scrolling glitch on season reward screen
  • Fixed a lock-up bug related to rapidly tapping buttons in the menu
  • Login screen: moved the text boxes up the screen so they aren’t obscured by keyboard
  • Fixed bug that auto logged user in after having tapped to log out.
  • Duel: Fixed sync of inhale/outhale particles with player Champion
  • Shop: made sure all gold won and earned from selling cards shows in total, and player can only buy chests they can afford
  • Tweaked the difficulty curve of opponent Spellcasters (6th rank onwards now easier)
  • Added some more sparkle to the chest graphics
  • Brand spanking new lower menu icons


Thanks to everyone who has reported bugs.  We’ve still got a few to iron out but are hoping to get some exciting new stuff into the next build (ooooh!). Keep an eye out on your email inbox for an opportunity to make suggestions and vote on new features.