You are the chosen ones. Alright, we know that you self selected by buying the Beta perk, but that makes you even more special to us. You chose us, you chose Champions of the Shengha and you chose to be part of this Beta Community. Thank-you!

We created a beta perk because we want to collaborate with our audience. We want you to be a core part of the game development - after all you’re the people we’re making it for.

For us that means:

  • Letting you know what we’re working on

  • You playing new builds as we make them

  • You commenting and voting on features and plans

  • Listening to your feedback and taking action

We want this to be a two way conversation. We’ll ask for feedback but also tell you what we’re doing with that feedback. Whether you’re a seasoned tester, or this is all new, we’ll be here together throughout the voyage to a better game.

The beta phase is a chance to test not just for glitches and game play, but also for fun, emotional regulation, and what you want from the game. It’s exciting but nerve wracking that real people are playing - and we are on tenterhooks to hear what you think!  

Find out more about how we plan to run the Beta Community here. 

What to do now

If you’re reading this, we must be live. Hurrah! Yay! And all the other exclamations. Here’s what to do next:

We're excited to hear from you soon.