So you’ve played the game, you’ve breathed deeply, chosen your cards carefully, battled fiercely and now you’re bursting full of ideas and reactions? Awesome! Here’s how you can tell us about it

How to Feedback

The ForumOur beta hangout space. We’ll run Q&A’s and discussions; but it’s also just for chatting, connecting with other testers and bouncing ideas.   

Email AmeliaI’m the main link between you and the developers and here to make sure you’re heard.

Surveys and polls: When we want to know something specific, we’ll ask you. Surveys will be relevant and not too frequent - please fill them out!

Coming soon: an in game mechanism: It’s not ready yet, but we are planning an in game mechanism so that you can report a fault or tell us an idea immediately.

Focus groups, mini tasks and calls: With some groups of users we will do more in-depth feedback about specific questions. 

Younger users: We know a lot of our players are younger, and we’re wracking our brains about how we can get feedback directly from you.

What to Feedback

Fixes and glitches: If you find any bugs or something that doesn’t work, tell us so we can fix it.

What you love AND what you hate: We want to know the good, the bad AND the ugly.

New features: Got a great idea to make the game better? You can influence the future features.

Emotional Regulation: Gathering Power is about keeping a clear, focused mind. We want to know this is helping improve your emotional regulation.  

The Beta process:  Ideas about how to feedback, or anything we can do better to support you and the community

Anything you like! We really just want to know what you think - so if you’ve got an opinion, say it!


We’re full of anticipation to hear what you’ve got to say about Champions’. Check out our Community Manifesto to see how we're going to support you over the next few months.