We're honoured you’ve put your faith in Champions of the Shengha by buying our Beta perk. So we’re taking very seriously our task to give you the best experience we can and make feeding back easy.

We’ve put together a Community Manifesto to tell you to what expect from us:

We promise to…

  • Keep you up to date
    We’ll let you know what we’re working on and when to expect new builds
  • Be open and honest
    We’ll open up our Trello, and tell you about any stumbling blocks
  • Make it good!
    We’ll only send out updates we think will be a good experience. Your time is important, so we won’t waste it!
  • Listen to you
    Your feedback will be built into our planning and design process and we’ll listen and act on your ideas.   
  • Feedback on your feedback
    We’ll tell you what we’re doing with your feedback - whether and when we use it, and if not, why not.
  • Let you influence the community
    You decide how the community runs. If you have ideas for new feedback mechanisms, or want us to communicate differently - tell us.
  • Give you the final version
    We hope that by the end of this beta you’ll be our Champions - in more ways than one! So of course we’ll make sure you get the final shiny version of the game that we’ve built together.

What do you think? We're still figuring out the best ways to support the community and your input will help shape what we do. 

Some of you are excited about beta testing, and some of you just couldn't wait to get your hands on the game. Either way, hearing what you think is important to us. Check out our blog on what and how to feedback during the Beta.