Patch notes 11.9

Patch notes 11.9

Beta testers, Spellcasters, Champions. As our journey to launch enters it's final weeks, we present to you for testing: Build 11.9


New back-end

The game has moved to a new back-end in preparation for multi player (it's coming!). This means re-entry to the Temple of the Shengha for you with brand new accounts. 

You'll be stripped of cards, status and ranks - we're sorry! Your old accounts will be shed, and like brave phoenixes rising from the ashes, you'll now login using Game Centre and Google Play Games accounts to start afresh. At least you'll have experience to fall back on!

To reward your bravery in this period of change; there's a brand new feature for you to explore: 


Card Forge

A practice ground to enhance your Magic Power skills, with a strategic purpose. Choose a card from your deck to take into the Card Forge, and power it up to take into battle by gathering Magic Power under pressure.

The more Magic Power you collect, the better boost your card will receive. You can increase the time you have to collect Magic Power by reaching blue, red and purple states while in Card Forge.

Your newly powerful cards will remain boosted for one Duel to defeat that crucial opponent. It's a literal game changer! 


Numbers are back

Based on your feedback, we've also added some numbers back in to the Duel screen. This means you'll be able to make those all important strategic choices when deciding which cards to play. 

Launch is nearly upon us and your feedback is as vital as ever. We look forward to hearing from you! 

Patch notes 10.41

Patch notes 10.41

Spellcasters, the age of deck building is finally upon us. You can now curate your cards and define your magical style with an 8-card limit and Tribe selection. You've asked for this feature since the start of our voyage together, and we are excited to get it into your hands!


What's New?  

Deck building
You'll have an 8 card deck from now on. You'll need to gather your wisdom and choose wisely which cards to take into battle.

  • To change a card in your deck:
  • Tap and hold your chosen card in the SpellBook
  • The screen will automatically scroll up to your deck
  • Drag your newly chosen card over the card slot you want to replace
  • Release the new card
  • Voila! It will replace the old card in your deck and appear in your hand in battle

Remember,  you can only have one of each type of card in your deck - though they may come into your hand multiple times during a Duel.

Browse your cards
We've increased functionality in the Spellbook to fuel important deck building decisions. Tap on a card to view stats such as durability, damage and casting time.

Choose your tribe
Tap on Brahm's face in your Spellbook and you can now choose your Tribe. From the fire of Fury to the dark depths of Fear and the serenity of Joy, each Tribe gains its own special abilities for Duels. To which do you belong?

  • Joy Champions earn Magic Power 20% faster
  • All Fear creatures cost one less Magic Power for Fear Champions to cast
  • Fury Champions deliver +1 extra damage with every Fury attack card


Choosing your Tribe and building decks are not to be taken lightly,  Beta Community. Ponder your choices carefully (and tell us what you think on the forum!)


Patch notes 10.35

Patch notes 10.35

Welcome, Beta pioneers, to a new build.  There’s a magnitude of new cards and mechanics to explore, and an increased significance to mastering your Magic Power skill - we hope it keeps you striving to improve your breathing and expand your Spellbook.


What’s new

Cards are appointed Natural Gem Colours. Now your magical prowess has an even greater test. Every card has a Natural Gem Colour which you must reach to cast it. This is shown by the glowing gem in the centre of the card. To cast a card in your hand, you still need to have enough Magic Power to use them; but also your Magic Power Gem must be in equal to or higher state than the Natural Gem Colour of your card. For example: if a card has a Natural Gem Colour of red, then your Magic Power Gem must be glowing red or purple to cast it . Time to get focused!


Farewell numbers! Well, some of them. We want our Spellcasters to concentrate your minds on gathering Magic Power and duelling wisely. So we’ve reduced the amount of numbers flying around the screen by changing your and your creatures health numbers to a health bar.


New cards. Here’s the petrifying new Fear cards you’ll find in this build:

  • dread apostle
  • skeleton lord
  • phantom    
  • hungry ghost
  • bhoot    
  • silent blade    
  • rising dead    
  • fear bomb    
  • troop carrier    
  • bad moon shaman    
  • testudon    
  • fire golem    
  • fire wall    
  • burning fury    

New card effects. We are just about to rewrite the card descriptions, and would really like your help to ensure they make sense. So while this build includes some intriguing new mechanics, I’m not going to explain them here! The real test whether you can understand and master them when you discover them in game.

As always we are eagerly awaiting your verdict.  Go forth and duel team Beta, and tell me what the new card mechanics do! .

Patch notes 10.25

Patch notes 10.25

A new build, and guess what? We made some changes! Nothing quite as drastic as the last round of redesigning the breathing feedback, but some stuff we think is pretty cool.


Here’s what’s included in Build 10.25:

  • The Stack: Spells now take time to cast so you’ll need a little patience and strategy to play them! Here’s how it works:
    • You and the AI both have a casting stack in the middle of the screen
    • Spells (and creatures!) appear as icons in your stack when cast and power up ready to deploy to damage or heal.
    • While powering up in the stack, spells are vulnerable to attack by other spells. Attacking them will knock ‘em out and prevent their damage from happening. Super tactical!
    • Your stack can have a maximum of 6 items powering up to deploy at any one time; so be selective about what you choose to play.
    • The more powerful a card is, the longer the wait for deployment
  • Creatures: Some new little blighters joining you in battle! Creatures are a new card type that sit in your stack with spells and attack your enemy periodically until they are spent. Very loyal sidekicks.
  • Shiny animations:  Win a duel and you’ll feel very special. Oooh it’s shiny. On the flip side, lose and you will sharply feel the pain of your loss (in other words we finally put in some swanky win/lose animations!).
  • Card drawing takes longer: Ten seconds to be precise, so you won’t have such a jam packed hand all the time.
  • New cards
    • Shadow Brood
    • Foot Soldier
    • Flame Imp
    • Frostling
    • Ice Wall
    • Hired Squirrel
    • Rock Golem
    • Indra’s Elephant
    • Dragon


This feature should have the double whammy effect of fixing the confusing animation delay and making the game even more strategic to play. It’s all going  to impact balancing quite a bit, so tell us what you think about the timing of casting, the damage spells and creatures are doing and how it feels to play with these new features.

A whole new world of breathing

A whole new world of breathing

Buckle yourselves in, things are looking a bit different around here!

You told us that the feedback from your breathing wasn’t meaningful enough. And we agreed.

So we’ve designed a new Duel screen with more information about your breathing, heart rate, and it’s impact in the game.

The new screen actually shows your heart rate while you’re playing. It’s the purest way we could possibly feedback on the breathing, and we’re super curious about how you’ll react to it.

What changes have we made?


As soon as you drop into the Duel screen you’ll see that things are rather different!

Power gem: This gem tells you how much power you’ve gathered and have at your disposal

Colour changing fire: This flame will change colour and size depending on how well you’re doing with the breathing - of course the better you do, the faster your power will accumulate.

Squiggly Line: Yes that is a technical term!  This is your heart rate variability data straight from the sensor - it shows your heart rate (beats per minute) as it speeds up and slows down over time (affected by the breathing - more on that below)

Mystical particles: The particles are your breathing guide, as they swoosh in you take a deep breath and as they swoosh out you exhale.

Glowing orb: The orb will grow and shrink in time with the particles - try to match your breathing to this  rhythm

What am I trying to do? How do I know if I’m doing it right?

As ever, your job is to gather Power as quickly as you can! You do that by entering a Focused state. If you fall into a Muddled state, you’ll start to gather power more slowly. You control your state by observing your breath and your thinking!

Here’s what the line looks like when you’re doing well (Focused state):

And here’s what it looks like when your breathing isn’t hitting the right rhythm and you’re gathering power slowly (Muddled state):

The line is smooth and sweeps in a regular deep wavy pattern when you’re in a good breathing flow. When you’re not doing so well the line will jolt and be chaotic. Don’t forget, the gem’s fire will also change in colour and size to let you know how you’re doing!

To get into Focused state, you’ll need to breathe rhythmically in time with the particles and orb at the end of the line, and stay calm and focused. As you do this, you should see the pattern of the line start to become more fluent.  

The closer you are to Focused state the quicker you’ll gather Power.

Happy breathing!


Patch notes: 0.10.12

Patch notes: 0.10.12

And we are on a roll. The new build out this week has loads of new features and some bug fixes. Sadly not that dreaded Google phone bug which we have escalated with Unity support as well as spending significant time on this week.


We’ve fixed:

  • iOS game result screen kept freezing (especially after losing - like extra punishment!)
  • Ranking wasn’t changing when your xp was counted
  • A visual glitch with the seam in the Spellbook
  • iOS rewards screen button disappeared after season end
  • The old background sometimes reappearing in the main menu

New Stuff

And we’ve added in all this goodness:

  • New animations for coin spending, gold and XP changes and ranking changes  
  • Another round of card balancing

New opponents (see our blog post about them):

  • Golem
  • Herne
  • Joy Champ
  • Fear Champ
  • Mad General
  • Wise Master

New Cards

  • Dissipate
  • Spell-O-Break Bomb
  • Peacemaker
  • Call to Arms
  • Grenades
  • Zulfi Scimitar

New card effects (here’s a run down of the mechanics)

  • Dispel
  • Charm
  • Equipping weapon/armor with a spell
  • Grenades
  • Status Effect (applied to Weapon)

We also got BIG changes to the Duel UI coming in the pipeline - particularly to the way we communicate your heart rate data and it's effect on the game. Watch this space!

Enjoy Beta testers.

Find out who you're duelling - new opponents

Find out who you're duelling - new opponents

You asked for some variety in characters, and we’re working on it. First step: Build 10.12 includes some new AIs for you to battle.

You’ll see more variation in opponents as you rise in rank. They’ll be randomly pulled from the pool to play you. Each has a different deck to play with -so you’ll need to be tactical about how you approach them!

Here’s what they’ve got in their hands:

Kara Brightclash, Fury Champion (the classic, original AI): Flamer, Rock Helm, Smother, Sword, Smash, Mighty Blow, Fire Ball, Shrug it off

The mysterious Fear Champion: Flamer, Fireball, Panic Attack, Utter Dread, Sword, Shield, Ice Bolt, Smother

Brahm Deepwell, Joy Champion: Flamer, Fireball, Smother, Peacemaker, Oak Shield, Sword, Compassion Oath, Rock Slide

Herne the Huntress: Flamer, Fireball, Smother, Pollinate, Compassion Oath, Blazing Shot, Monkey King's Staff,  Meteor

Rock Golem: Smother, Pollinate, Rock Slide, Meteor, Avalanche, Mighty Blow, Rock Helm, Oak Shield

The Wise Master: Peacemaker, Compassion Oath,  Frost Storm, Pollinate, Seven Branched Blade, Blazing Shot, Broken Blade, Speedy Boots

The Mad General: Call to Arms, Mighty Blow, Smash, Clockwork Rocket, Dragon Scales, Grenades, Heavy Axe, Blazing Shot

Some have a much stronger hand. The Mad General and Wise Master are particularly intimidating chaps to face - and so you’ll have a much higher likelihood of battling them when your ranking is higher, and you've proven yourself to be accomplished in the arena.

Don’t think you’re getting an easy riding facing another AI though - they all still increase in difficulty as your rank rises! They get better at generating power and fiercer about how they use their cards.

We're working on deck building - so you'll have to plot carefully to beat them.

Read: even more new card mechanics!

Read: even more new card mechanics!

Another build, another set of card mechanics - we are ramping up the strategy!

As with the last round of new effects, Little icons above your attack icon will show if you or your opponent are currently under the influence of any of these newbies. Here’s what this round do in build 10.12 :

  • Dispel - Removes all status effects and mechanics and weapon/armor
  • Charm - Protects player so they cannot be attacked
  • Grenades -  a unique new weapon attack that chucks, you guessed it, grenades!
  • Some weapons now curse their victims or bearers
  • Some spells now equip Champions with equipment

And in order to play these new mechanics you’ll need this selection of new cards:

  • Dissipate
  • Spell-O-Break Bomb
  • Peacemaker
  • Call to Arms
  • Grenades
  • Zulfi Scimitar

Let us know how you fare with them!


An insight into design

An insight into design

So I keep geeking out over glimpsing into the design process of the game and thought you, our Beta Community, might enjoy being let in on the experience.

Here’s a little peek at some of the behind the scenes sketches that Simon (our Co-founder and Game Designer) puts together for the team to show how the menus should flow and navigate within CotS:

I think it’s  pretty cool to match these raw early plans up with the current beta product - which has had hours of beautiful artwork, layering and texturing to refine it- and see how the basic structure has been designed. Hope you enjoy it too! 

Let me know if you find these kinds of posts interesting, and I’ll see what else we can rustle up.

Get the lowdown on the new card mechanics

Get the lowdown on the new card mechanics

Brand spanking new card mechanics!

So build 10.8 includes some brand new cards mechanics and new cards to go with them - pretty exciting stuff. We know (and you’ve told us) that we really need a tutorial to introduce people to the game.  We also need one for these mechanics!

While we are designing that onboarding process, here’s an overview of the additions to the game:


5 new card mechanisms

Thats right. 5 new effects to play in Duel: Panic, Terrify, Mercy, Spellproof and Speedy. You and your opponent can strategically deploy these effects and trip up your rival in your battle to defeat them.

Little icons above your attack icon will show if you or your opponent are currently under the influence of any of these effects.

Panic: Champions have a 50% chance of their attacks backfiring and attacking them instead of their enemy

Terrify: Champions are too petrified to cast spells. Weapons will also not perform attacks while the Champion is terrified

Mercy: Champions experiencing Mercy cannot deal a killing blow - they always leave at least 1 defence point

Spellproof:  Champions are safe from spells and cannot be attacked with them. The can still be damaged by weapons.

Speedy: Weapon attacks speed up to twice as fast, so you can damage your foe quicker!


New cards

To deploy these new effects you’ll need to use special cards, which are also new for this release! Win them in chests and see your Spellbook grow and your duelling  abilities soar!

New card list:

  • Dragon Scales
  • Speedy Boots
  • Seven skin shield
  • Bedlam mask
  • Rock slide
  • Frost storm
  • Compassion oath
  • Shrug it off
  • Smash
  • Panic attack
  • Utter dread
  • Fear bomb
  • Broken blade


Good luck exploring these new elements of the CotS Universe. Use them wisely on your journey to becoming Champions.